Induction technology has been used on cell phones and other devices for many years.  Our Retro Fit Kit allows us to use that same technology to charge your drone on the Power Mat. 

30″ x 30″ Power Mat Green LED $1,699.00

18″ x 18″ Small Power Mat Green LED $1,399.00

Call for a custom LED light upgrade or for a custom color

 Power Mat & Retro-Fit Kit

Charging your drone battery is child’s play when you use our Power Mat. The Power Mat is optimized to charge batteries rated at 5.4v – 14.5v and provides automatic, balanced, high-efficient charging during its stay on the charging mat.

Select your retro kit along with a charger, pad with inductive coils and slip on pads you install on your drones landing gear. In just a few minutes you can add wireless Qi charging to your drone! We have retro kits for the 3DR Solo & IRIS, DJI Phantom 3, DJI Inspire 1, Parrot Bebop, and more to come.

Power mat can be broken up into monthly payments, call for details

Small docks are not compatible with 3DR, Parrot, or DJI models.

Special Edition Gold and Red Power Mat


Standard Retro-Fit Kit $99

Retro Fit Kits

If you have multiple drones our Retro-fit Kits can be purchased separately. Numerous drones are capable of a retrofit to add wireless charging. Our Retro-Fit kit converts your battery-powered drone to use with the Power Mat.   If you do not see your drone listed below, leave us a comment and we will see about getting you a Kit for your drone.

Small docks are not compatible with 3DR, Parrot, or DJI models.


5′ Tall Base / 2′ 8″ x 1′ Home $2,199

(Includes Power Mat)

Drone Home

If you are looking for something a little more robust or are using your drone for security, building and/or pipeline inspection, other missions then our Drone Home is what you need! This structure is weatherproof and rated NEMA, Type 3R, 3RX and IP24. It is fully gasketed, raised, with a vented lid with smart ventilation fans, removable filters & integral mounting flange. Features an aluminum mounting plate with 110/240 VAC terminal strip & Thermostat Controlled Cooling System to protect your protector. The Drone Home is also where your Power Mat is located. Your Drone Home provides a perfectly flat surface for optimal flight experience during landing and takeoff procedures.

3DR Solo Battery $129

DJI Phantom 3 Battery $119


Every pilot needs an extra battery or two.  We manufacture our own drone batteries right here in the USA and we sell them at an amazing price!  All of our batteries come with a standard 90 day warranty and you can get free shipping if you order before Christmas! Promo Code: BEFOREXMAS

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